RESURRECTED: Paddy’s is OPEN as normal

It’s all sorted out now

Durham’s favorite takeaway will be open and trading as usual this evening.

Patrick’s Pizza, will be opening this evening as usual following a legal misunderstanding.

Speaking to The Tab, the restaurant’s owner said: “it was just a misunderstanding, and it has all been sorted out now. We will be opening as usual this evening.”


The relief can be felt across Durham, and the only source of late night food will be serving chicken nuggets, and garlic bread until the early hours of the morning.

It looks like post-exam celebrations will be back on, and finalists, who were worried they’d leave on a bitter, non-garlicky note, will now be able to end their degree with their stomachs filled full of paddy parmo goodness.


The Tab previously reported that Paddy’s was no more, but clearly it takes more than a few pieces of paper in the window to bring down this Durham institution.

Long live Patrick and his pizza.