Stockton ‘college activity’ set to MOVE to Durham

Relocation could start as early as 2017

After a painful 24 years of existence, Stockton is set to pack-up all college based activities to Durham city center.

In an email sent out by the Vice-Chancellor to all Durham students today, he lays out the recommendations from a report made on the future of Stockton, that the University Council has agreed to in principle.

The Report made two key recommendations:

“(a)  relocate the majority of academic and all college-based activities currently at Queen’s Campus to Durham City or its immediate vicinity;


(b)  develop proposals to repurpose Queen’s Campus so as to deliver an International Foundation College, or equivalent body, in support of the University Strategy.”15866

It is not clear where the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, potentially Stockton’s greatest and only asset, will be put, and it is said relocation plans are “ongoing at this stage”.

There have been calls for something to be done about the future of Stockton for a long time, and the news be received positively by many.

There are, however, questions about how up to two thousand more student could fit into Durham, in an already crowded university town.

The news is a surprise for some. Tom Weston, a fresher from JoBo told The Tab: “I did not expect that to happen, where will it all go?”

The earliest that any move will happen will be for the “begin will be for the start of the 2017/18 academic year”, which would mean the students in first year at the moment will see the effects of the move during their time at the university.