Shaheen’s LOSE their alcohol licence

We’ll have to bring our own booze then

Shaheen’s has lost their alcohol licence after rugby lads held a “hottest curry” competition. 

The Indian restaurant, which was a staple of sports socials for years, has lost the ability to serve alcohol after a decision by the Durham licensing sub-committee. Shaheen This comes after the news from last year that all societies at Butler, Castle and Trevs were banned from holding socials at the Indian restaurant, following excessive drinking from certain Rugby teams.

After this the Trev’s Rugby team reportedly all received community service for a period of time. After 32 years of serving the community with messy meals, the restaurant is now banned from selling booze.

The incident, on the 28th of October, saw the Lebanese restaurant staff cleaning up vomit in the street. It was reported to the committee that no one from Shaneen’s offered to help.

The police report stated that the staff:

• Agreed to provide a college rugby team with “extra hot curry” but said they would have to eat it outside as it would make them sick;

• Spoon fed drunken students in the street with food so spicy it caused them “some distress”;

• Looked on and laughed as the students vomited, urinated and smashed glasses in the street and shouted abuse at and threatened terrified passers-by;

• Encouraged the students to play drinking games in the street;

• Told the students to get inside the restaurant once the police arrived as “they can’t touch you if you’re inside.”

The Tab are awaiting comment from the responsible sports team.