A gap year makes uni so easy

You get more than just a tan

We leapt for joy as our parents dumped us at uni: the long-awaited freedom had finally arrived, but only a few weeks later do you realise how hard it actually is.

For the first time, we have to do stuff for ourselves – no parents to keep us organised, tie our shoelaces and do our washing. At school, life was easy, everything was laid out for us in a familiar routine. But at uni it’s ultimately up to us – understandably some can find the change unsettling.

But with an extra-years life experience, uni is a breeze for the post gap yah generation, who swagger around campus in their Vietnamese trousers and spiritual bracelets. A year of working and living on a budget means managing their student loans is a huge step down from figuring out how to travel around South America.

Exploring the world and staying in hostels means they’ve actually learnt how to talk to people (weird I know), making their fresher’s week effortless. You’ll be a BNOC in no time. Providing you don’t go on about the ethereal haze overlooking the Himalayas. Plus, a warm up year of preparatory boozing helps to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your new mates, not to mention surviving the socials and ‘welcome drinks’.

Many of us simply aren’t quite ready to leave home yet – there’s no point forcing it. Relax, you’ll get there in the end, just a year later. Yes, a lot of your mates go off to uni, but a year out is the perfect opportunity to learn from their experiences; every mistake, the ups and downs, the do’s and don’ts.

When something goes wrong, (and trust me it will), you’ll be well-equipped to deal with it. You navigated your way around Malaysia so you can definitely change a lightbulb. You know what to expect and can plan ahead: by the time you move in you’re all set, and your wardrobe is on point.

The ‘gap-yahers’ are more independent, tidy, organised and have their time management sorted. One even said he was “too grown up for college life.”

Also, who doesn’t want to rock up in September with a deep tan? Not like those who go for a week-long lash in Ibiza, but a four month deep golden tan – just think of the Instagrams.

Perhaps ‘discovering yourself’ is worth it after all.