Shadow cabinet MP Jon Ashworth: ‘I’m worried Durham is pricing out working class kids’

Labour MP spoke to the Durham Labour Society this morning

In a recent interview with the Tab, Shadow Minister without Portfolio Jon Ashworth has said that he is concerned with the rising cost of living at Durham, specifically referring to the recent accommodation price hikes in colleges.

The Labour politician, who graduated from Aidan’s in 2000, is worried that the university need to do more to look after those worse of financially.

“I’m sorry to hear it’s become one of the most expensive universities. As we know, Durham has always has a problem attracting students from a working class background, which I am from.image

“I’m worried they are pricing out working class kids. With fees going up and the cost to live in college, I’m worried it could mean that Durham is going backwards.

“There’s always been a sense that Durham is a posh place, which means it has to work hard to attract working class kids. I want other working class kids to have that kind of support.”

It’s the first time the Leicester MP has returned to Durham in term time, and is visiting after speaking at the annual Northern Labour Regional Conference.image

“I’ve not been back very often. This is the first time I’ve come back to visit the university. I was very active in the university Labour club and the Student Union 15 years ago.”

When asked about if anything has changed since his time at Durham, he said:

“I’ve seen the Klute logo has changed. Klute has brought itself into the 21st century -for me it was always the best nightclub in Europe.

“I’ve got plenty of memories from Klute but I better not repeat them, I’ve got a respectable job these days.”