We asked you what your best chat-up line is

“Fancy a shag?”

What’s the line that makes sure you get lucky?

The the charmer nobody can resist? The fail-safe, the sure thing, the golden rule.

Here are your best pick up lines.

Will McGowan, First Year, Geography, MarysIMG_1916

“Did you grow up on a chicken farm? Because you sure know how to raise a cock.”

Ed Hately, Second Year, English, Collingwood


“If I said I liked your body would you hold it against me?”

Elle Morgan-Williams, First Year, Modern Languages, Castle


“Why don’t you sit on my knee and we’ll talk about whatever pops up.”

Kirstin Stevely, First Year, Combined Honours, JoBo


“Fuck me if I’m wrong but is your name *insert random name*”

James Comer, Second Year, Chemistry, Marys


“Roses are red, violets are violet, you be the cockpit,  I’ll be the pilot.”

Martha Jenkinson, Third Year, Archeology, Aidans


“I’m not trying to impress you but I’m Batman”

Rosie Minnitt, First Year, History, Van Mildert


“I don’t need chat up lines- my accents usually work. Australian’s almost always the winner.”

Ihuoma Alichukwu, Postgrad, Cognitive Neuroscience, Hatfield


“You look like a good cocksucker. Someone actually said that to me.”

Colin Pey, Second Year, Engineering, Grey


“Did you just fart? Because you’re blowing me away.”

Hannah Broadbent, Postgrad, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cuth’s


“Are you from Holland? Because AmsterDayum.”

Toby Hackett, First Year, Geography, Hild Bede


“Hello treacle, Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight”