Third Years won’t be able to climb the cathedral tower next term

You’ve basically wasted three years of your life

In a blow to all finalists, the Cathedral tower will be closed when they graduate this summer.

The age old tradition of climbing the tower on graduation day won’t be possible because of renovation works on the cathedral tower. It’s a tragedy.


The historic monument will be closed to replace damaged stones and cement.

It’s will be shut to visitors until 2017, so should be ready in time for this year’s second years, but this is of no comfort to those currently suffering through dissertations.

With it being bad luck to climb the tower before graduation, this year’s third years won’t get to climb it as students. They’ll all have to stay on and do a masters.

The news is not going down well with current third years. Cuths English Lit finalist, Dom McGovern told the Tab:

“How are my Instagram followers going to know that I’ve graduated?”

At least you can still take your parents to Klute.