Democracy Prevails

You voted in your droves and crowned the gorgeous Ollie Potts is this year’s male fittest fresher.

Ollie won a close competition, eventually taking home a massive 27% of the public vote.

It was a tight competition, with second place Dylan Johnson a mere 25 votes behind perfect Potts. It was, however, the boy from Sussex’s day in the sun.

Third place went to JoBo’s easy Seb Heley, who said in a partner all he look for is a pulse.

When told of his victory Ollie told The Tab: “I’d like to thank my mum for voting for me 500 times.”11350439_10153005991623167_4660005868763285502_n

With Ollie admitting he looked for good chat in a partner, the ladies of Durham will need to up their levels of banter to bag this winner.

Ollie faced much competition from his fellow lads, but in the end the Hatfielder, whose guilty pleasure is “binge watching The Office”, took home gold.