We asked you how long you’ve gone without sex

‘It was a dark fortnight’

Nobody’s a fan of involuntary celibacy. The lonely nights when even Klute can’t help you.

So we asked you: How long have you gone without Marvin Gaye-ing?

Hector Don, First Year, Geography, MildertFullSizeRender 19“Is this before or after I lost my virginity? After? Ok then probably almost a year.”

Saoirse Walsh, First Year, English and Philosophy, CollingwoodFullSizeRender 14“18 years”

Matthew Quinn, Second Year, Geophysics, Cuth’sFullSizeRender 13“Dry spell? Maybe two weeks. It was a dark fortnight”

Laura Hely Hutchinson, Second Year, Music, CollingwoodFullSizeRender 20“Like a year. The gay scene here is bad.”

Oliver Baijings, Third Year, Geography, Hild BedeFullSizeRender 18“I think 6 months. Rough times.”

Annie, Fourth Year, Law, MildertFullSizeRender 17“A year. No comment.”

Tara Bennett, First Year, PPE, CastleFullSizeRender 12“Like a month? I don’t really keep track.”

Rhys Crowley, Third Year, English and Philosophy, Cuth’sFullSizeRender 21“I haven’t had sex since the 20th of September.”