We asked you what you would take to a desert island

‘One doesn’t want a hairy leg on the beach’

We’ve been in Durham for too long, surrounded by the same people we just can’t stand, with terrible weather. At the moment, a desert island would be ideal.

The problem is, we’re all creatures of comfort so The Tab asked what you couldn’t live without.

Sam Manisty, Third Year, Physics, Castleimage“Tanning oil to get that beach bod on.”

Evie Skinner, Fourth Year, French and Arabic, Trevs  image“My drum kit is my religion. Drums includes sticks of course, right? Or I could make those from a tree.”

Kyle Yeo, Third year, Law, John’simage“A GPS phone. I want to get off that island.”

Amelia Harper, First Year, Geography, Chad’simage“A razor. One doesn’t want a hairy leg on the beach”

Harry Shipton, Second Year, Modern Languages, JoBoimage“Water. At least until I find a sustainable source. That’s really sad, isn’t it? But practical.”

Georgia Holgate, First Year, Theology, Hatfieldimage“A nice strong man to keep me busy.”

Julia Brug, Second Year, Physics, Hatfieldimage“Tampons. I never understand how woman on desert island TV programs can deal with all that without any problems. They always gloss past it”

Annabel Allen, First Year, History, Mildert image“My eyebrow kit. If my eyebrows are on fleek I am. They’re not today.”

Riaz Razaq, Second Year, Physical Geography, Aidan’s  image“Some device to stream Middlesbrough matches on. That team is my life.”