We asked you which ABBA song sums up your life right now

Gimme gimme gimme a break from summatives

Are you screaming S.O.S. or thanking ABBA for the songs you’re singing?

Ashley Campbell, Second Year, Chinese Studies, Hatfieldimage

‘Money, Money, Money.’ I need some of that dollar in my life.

Anil Gupta, First Year, Economics, JoBoimage

There isn’t one about chaos and despair, is there?

Wesley Holland, Postgrad, Archeology, JoBoimage

I guess Mamma Mia. I’m not from the UK and sometimes this country just makes me cry out ‘Mamma Mia’. Like your supermarkets. I miss Dutch groceries.

Edward Hislop, Second Year, BioMed, Hatfieldimage

‘Take A Chance On Me.’ I’m feeling lonely and desperate.

Jonas Fredriksen, First Year, Law, Butlerimage

‘Does Your Mother Know?’ *wink*

Filip Turcu, First Year, Maths, TrevsimageI’m just so lost. Can I have a whole album?

Alice Carter, Second Year, Psychology, Hild Bede

image‘Mamma Mia.’ It’s like one summative after another, after another, after another.

Kamil Cesarz, First Year, Theology, Hild Bedeimage‘Dancing Queen.’ I’ve really been feeling life lately. A jig here, a jig there. Life is good.