We asked what do you miss most about home?

Uni is cold and uncomfortable

It’s well and truly mid-term, and we’re starting to realise that no matter how many times we Skype our dog, Uni just won’t feel like home.

Whether it’s having clean clothes, toilet paper, or just not being surrounded by filth, we all miss home a little bit. Everything just seems to have it’s shit together a bit better.

Ellen, 3rd year, Economics, Castle. 12722306_10154094174012847_1219913991_o

I only really miss my dog..

Emily, 3rd year, Geography, Castle


I don’t really miss anything, if anything I miss my dog.

Grace, 3rd year, Philosophy, Hild Bede


I miss the food, anything that isn’t potatoes!

Anna, 2nd year, philosophy, Aidens


My mum making me tea.

Archie, 3rd year, Classics, Van Mildert


Being abusive to my younger siblings.

Jules, 3rd year, Classics, Chads


Normal food.

Alex, 3rd year, Classics, Hatfield


Living in a clear environment, living here is like being at a festival every day.