‘Personality’ based Castle shows how to do it

Personality also means fit

The Castle Charity Fashion Show featured the usual stripping of any other college, but unlike the usual surroundings of a cafeteria, it was held in a Norman keep. 

Models were selected on personality in a shock twist this year, but clearly being good on the inside pays dividends in the gym.12240888_1485101628462805_4008745242962004697_oFollowing hot on the heels of the DU fashion show, the CCFS showed how intimate staging and fraternal unity can still be equally as exclusive and glamorous. The unique staging provided the elegant backdrop to a classy catwalk.

Female models opted to ditch the strip-all mantra and strutted in sexy dressing gowns before the men showed the rest of us what made them men. 12716053_1509789332660701_4793743271351545296_oClassic examples of college fashion shows such as performances by the sultry Oscar Koronka. Nicknamed the ‘bourgeoise Ed Sheeran,’ he performed with an acoustic guitar before taking a dig at basic freshers who had once demanded performances of Wonderwall.

Biggest surprise of the night was a semi-nude demonstration of the splits, which drew gasps from the crowd and a failed attempt by another model. The strip-tease was, however, comparable to a public school boy’s imagination of what DreamBoys in Newcastle looks like. 894695_1509790039327297_3535812398626052370_oDom Humphrey and Miranda Robson co-directed an event which raised thousands of pounds for the mental health charity Mind. The event also introduced a text-in service with Jane Markey and Charlotte Varela co-hosting and reading out the often saucy tit-bits.

Smashing expectations, estimates included £1000 on three auction prizes alone. Two nights in a Marbella flat or a luxury meal for two went down well with the heady mix of Bailey glitterati.12716357_1509788369327464_3307641020066056589_oHaving been suitably boozed up (responsibly) in Castle bar, the stars of the World Heritage Site moved to the less salubrious surroundings of Loft. The bustling after-party featured quite a lot of white folk dancing to quite a lot of Kanye.

All photos were taken by Anja Wolf.12710920_1509790985993869_7924518814630933642_o 12716249_1509787995994168_7258577105804742857_o 12711045_1509791165993851_7620047756422249127_o 12698557_1509788525994115_8720132457677452937_o 12697495_1509790472660587_2343942221151332966_o 12697043_1509791619327139_838740076333151022_o 11148370_1509788335994134_5960662090315115404_o 12671794_1509789999327301_8675903906871228454_o 10317771_1509791719327129_8170901241244789461_o 12698228_1509787472660887_6324373697278625238_o 12711131_1509788635994104_2538065270666869941_o10357792_1509792215993746_482635390610755519_o12719387_1509789269327374_4622568665839807141_o