We asked single people what they’re doing on Valentine’s

Pornhub is getting a visit

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and it can be a trial for anyone who is single. Normally they have to decide between Netflix or a night out with girlfriends. 

We asked what you were planning on doing.

Stephanie Halpin, 21, Third Year, Hatfield, Sociology 12695477_958485274237131_524305010_o“Meal with all my girlfriends for a friend’s birthday at Zen. But, now I’m now off to Leeds to find a boyfriend.”

Carrie Newton, 19, Fresher, Hatfield, Philosophy and Alice Atkins, 18, Fresher, Hatfield, PPE 12698951_958485300903795_34462636_oCarrie: “I’m watching a film with my bou-bous with a bottle of prosecco probably.”

Alice: “I’m just hoping that I’m one of her bou-bous.”

Nel Goddard, 21, Third Year, Cuth’s, Theology12674835_958485404237118_1064708668_o“I’m at an engagement party with a friend in the Lake District.”

Annabel Muir, 20, Fresher, Castle, Sociology12695357_958485367570455_871176476_o“When is it? Probably playing hockey with the gals, no boys though.”

Elliot Fox, 19, Second Year, Mary’s, History and Politics12695241_958485290903796_716706968_o“All my single friends are going for Sambuca because we need to save some money.”

Dan CR, 21, Third Year, Hatfield, English Lit12695330_958485314237127_1087400423_o“God, when is it? Oh Sunday, probably just recovering from a Newcastle hangover. Yeah and having a wank but that’s not because it’s Valentine’s Day.”

Will Osbourne, 22, Third Year, JoBo, Theology12674744_958485337570458_785069656_o“Sunday right? Well a triathlon cycle ride, then church in the evening.”

Harriet Lewis, 21, Third Year, Grey, History of Art, English and Geography 12722197_958485440903781_1603366147_o“It’s my housemate’s 21st. So just stuff for her to be honest it will be more of a brunch than a party.”

James Fayed, 22, Fourth Year, Hatfield, History IR and Arabic12696879_958485424237116_906376871_o“Hanging out with friends and going back to Wimbledon – not to play tennis.”

Natalie Nash, 20, Fresher, Mildert, Theology12699086_958485467570445_1657996935_o“When is it? I will be going to church and setting up a marquee with my fellow Jesus lovers and singletons.”

Helena Grimmer, 22, Third Year, Grey, History of Art and English12737049_958485480903777_431868659_o“Watching a Ryan Gosling film, probably The Notebook. Then an M&S dine in for two, but just eating it alone.”