DU fashion show was smoking

Hummus was thrown

Last weekend saw the return of the most glamorous night in Durham, a uni wide fashion show featuring the hottest models, great banter, and a banging cheese board.

The show was held on the iconic Palace Green, the perfect setting for such a hotly anticipated event.

The Cathedral was a stunning backdrop, and the central location meant it was a downhill stumble to the after party at Loft, without the girls taking their heels off.

This year’s theme was “couture to chaos”, and the variety of outfits featured in the show reflected the whole span of Durham life, from every day library wear to the black tie attire of dreams.

The Creative Directors Bianca Morris & Anouchka Granon explained the theme: “Couture to Chaos was born out of a desire to add a new dimension to the traditional DUCFS experience.

“Over the course of the evening, allow us to transport you from the elegance and heritage of Palace Green to a world of hedonistic debauchery and unadulterated pleasure. The usual rules no longer apply.”

The theme certainly worked, as boys looked sexier than Don Draper, in well-cut suits while girls glided down the runway in flowing gowns, before things were mixed up with jazzy leggings and trainers.

The show was, as always, for a good cause, and this year’s charity was STOP THE TRAFFIK. The charity exists to end the buying and selling of people; a global movement of activists who want to build resilient communities and prevent human trafficking. This year reports of human trafficking were made as close as Newcastle.

This year DUCFS created a barcode motif to emphasise its commitment to the idea that humans are not property.

Friday’s show kicked things off with a bang, and completely overturned its reputation as the “warm-up” evening.

Although things got a bit raucous, and presenter Angus became the victim of a particularly vicious hummus attack, the audience loved it.

Saturday night’s security had a job keeping everyone under control, and the body guards looked like they were struggling to concentrate on their job whilst there was a steady flow of girls in suspenders sashaying down the catwalk behind them.

By the interval the guests were crowding round the catwalk to cheer the models on. A few even managed to make their way onto the stage for their three seconds of fame.

The models themselves looked like they were having the time of their lives, perfectly at ease as they danced along the stage and lapped up the affection from the audience.

Milana Traun, or Queen Milana, was the undisputed belle of the ball. She rocked that catwalk dressed in an incredible dress by Imprint clothing, accompanied by one hell of a headpiece, and an exquisite flowing dress that showed off her never-ending legs.

The presenters did a great job, responding well to the crowd and throwing in some brilliantly timed jibes. Their bit about the models from last year that failed to get into this year’s show proved especially popular.

Troupe put on another fantastic show, performing a number stunning dances. Following the women’s underwear walk donning not much else but a jumper, they looked a bit like the women’s morning after walk.
The quality of the outfits was extremely high this year, with a really exciting array of brands being represented.

The EKAT catsuits were especially exciting, paired with Dreamland clothing’s equally bold and sassy prints.

The underwear walk was of course the highlight of the night, with the girls looking unbelievable sexy in Lingerie by Annette, and the boys looking super fit in their Drake and Hutch boxers.

Their abs put the audience to shame as they sauntered down the stage covered in baby oil. Dreamy.

The Tab went backstage to interview some of the models after the first half of the show was over.

What’s your favourite walk?

Elly Neale: “underwear, cos I’m a perv…with the girl’s I’m just envious and with the guys I’m like mmm yeah”

How was Friday night? 

Lalit Bose: “So much fun! I loved the rowdiness”

Elly Neale: “Apart from the fact that the catwalk got really slippery. We were sliding all over the place, but fortunately no one actually fell over.”

backstage 1

Why are you doing the show?

Hendrik Speelmans: “It’s so fun! It’s the best weekend on Durham’s social calendar.”What walks are you doing?

Digby Walker: “I’m doing the swimwear, the underwear…”

The Tab: “So your rig must be great”

Digby Walker: “I’m the baseline – I make everyone else look good – as ever”Are you nervous compering such a large crowd? 

Angus: “No, there’s a really nice bunch of people backstage”

Dougie: “It’s a nice receptive crowd to, which makes a difference”

What’s the best part of being a model? 

Girls: “Meeting everyone – everyone’s so nice”

Who’s your favourite designer of the night? 

Girls: “Definitely Lydia Cooper, her Imprint clothing is just amazing.”

Enjoy Mike Dennison‘s incredible photos of the night: