‘I was the first customer’ – Pret opens doors in Durham

He ordered a hot chocolate

Today Pret opened its doors causing Londoners to go all hot and cold as the capital’s favourite moves North. 

The new Durham branch was announced four months ago and we’ve all been waiting with baited breath about a new café in our little town. Pat Val’s arrival caused quite a stir, and now we’re blessed with a Pret.  pretRupert Swallow, an English Lit fresher from Collingwood secured the crown as being the first person in Pret. The 19 year old told The Tab: “I’ve been waiting since October for this event, it’s a big moment in my life. As an English student I’ll spend my whole life there.

“I woke up at 6:30, but I hadn’t really slept because it was my college formal the night before – and nothing cures a hangover like an early morning Pret. There were about 10 of us there, the staff were very excited.

“It opened bang on at 7 AM, and the queue wandered purposefully into the store. I bought a hot chocolate and a croissant – my go-to Pret order. I hope to make it The Usual.”12696600_1163359933689181_471190827_o

Rupert is apparently trying to visit every single Pret in the country. He said: “One of my New Years resolutions is to visit every Pret in England, so I simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”

The company has almost 300 stores in the UK alone, but the majority are in the capital. Durham now really is joining the upper echelons of society, with the release of a Snapchat filter and a Pret opening in days of one another.