We asked you to describe your brand in three words

Surrey not sorry

Brand is important to everyone in the small streets of Durham. Making sure you know how to describe what makes your brand so unique is essential.

So we asked people in Tesco’s to describe their own brand in three words.

Raya Saket, 19, First year, Law, Grey12665895_10207736429876298_2056874493_n“Incompetent, for not knowing how to describe myself.”

Madeleine Taylor, 20, Second Year, International Relations, Chad’s12695924_10207736430676318_2140873587_n“Sporty, easy-going and energetic.”

Jay Ring, 19, First Year, Law, Grey12659583_10207736430196306_1736601693_n“Creative, independent, lawyer.”

Matthew Keen, 20, Second Year, Theology, Cuth’s12674164_10207736429356285_1888287710_n“Outrageous, cheeky and chilled.”

Heather Entwistle, 22, Third Year, Sport Science, Chad’s12674536_10207736429596291_151763300_n“I’m a fun, loving, nutcase.”

David Dunthorne, 20, Second Year, Chemistry, Grey12714096_10207736430756320_1906979821_n

“Honest, reliable and kind.”

Seb Clark, 19, First Year, Archaeology, HatfieldIMG_8107

“Stereotypical Hatfield twat.”

Jackie Spang, 18, First year, Maths, HatfieldIMG_8110

“Socks and sandals.”

Ed Hicks, 18, First Year, Maths and Physics, Hatfield
IMG_8109“Durham University Rowing.”

Christian Round, 18, First Year, Politics and International Relations, HatfieldIMG_8112“Surrey not sorry”