Day Drinking in Durham is the only way to go

Who even likes clubbing?

Durham is great. We love Durham. But let’s face it there isn’t more than a handful of places we go out to in the evening, and it can get repetitive, and this is why we all should try the 5 pints before 5 challenge.

Instead of dressing up for a night out, going through the normal routine and actually giving a shit about our appearance for once, we were in the ‘Swan and Three Cygnets’ at 1.45pm for a wonderfully cheap £2.08 pint of Taddy’s. The sun was shining as we slowly enjoyed our drinks and each other’s company. No need for downing or drinking games: an almost relaxed atmosphere.

day drink1

The early start meant one pint every 39mins (a leisurely pace). Rather than seeing off £4 cocktails, dodgy tasting shots and bolting jägerbombs, and shouting through terrible Klute music (even though we love it really), we enjoyed actually talking to each other.


We drank on a Wednesday, three pints at the Swan (£6.24) and two more at Collingwood (£3.60) total. Then we returned for our free college dinner on great form. Confidence was high as we spent the rest of the day socialising

Trying something new in Durham has to be done – we should all do it. We spent just under a tenner. No drunk food, no doubles or Klute quaddies, no Jonny Woodgates, no spontaneous buying of cigarettes or crisps from Subway.

We sobered up by about 10pm and felt rather sleepy shortly after. We got a dreamy nights sleep, no regret, hangover, or memory loss. No shame, injuries, or obscure traffic cones in my room. No saharan thirst or dry taste of spirits, and minimal damage to the wallet.

Fancy getting drunk but with no negative consequences*? Take the early drinking shift and try five before five.

*This is not guaranteed.