We asked what pancake topping best describes your personality

You’re so Nutella

Shrove Tuesday is upon us, which logically means that we asked people outside the library what pancake topping best describes their personality and why.

Mark Statham, 20, Second Year, Collingwood, PPE12597120_10208313360662788_1551961495_o

“I’d be ice cream and whiskey because I’m cold-hearted and a drunk.”

Alice Christie, 18, First Year, Grey, Theology12695342_10208313360502784_1085944846_o

“I’ll have 5000 pancakes, because that’s what Jesus would have wanted.”

Rosie Hampton, 20, Third Year, Mary’s, Law12695384_10208313360062773_1655918116_o

“Chilli and chocolate, because I’m sweet with a hint of sass.”

Alex Woolhouse, 19, Second Year, Van Mildert, Law12669287_10208313360582786_687096610_o

“I’ve never topped anything, and I never will.”

Marta Leon, 20, Third Year, Cuth’s, Geography12699093_10208313359742765_573682236_o

“Golden syrup, because I’m so damn sweet.”

Ollie Jackson, 20, Third Year, Aidan’s, Geography12597086_10208313360302779_17111379_o

“I like bacon and brown sauce on my pancakes, because I’m a bit weird.”

Emily Casey-Haworth, 21, Third Year, Mary’s, Politics12699141_10208313360142775_212478788_o

“Lemon and sugar. It’s understated, but a people pleaser; a pancake of the people.”

Imogen Nolan, 20, Second Year, Cuths, Anthropology12669815_10208622255143910_129762934_o

“Crushed up smarties and chocolate ice cream, because I’m smart and chill, with a little bit of edge.”

Katie Condon, 18, First Year, Collingwood, Combined Honours12696850_10208313359782766_1079135821_o

“Crunchy peanut butter, because I have an affinity with nuts.”

Sophie Patel, 20, Second Year, Hatfield, Archaeology and Anthropology12422230_10208313359822767_1884675590_o

“Strawberry sauce with sprinkles of crunchy honeycomb, because I’m sweet, but I’ve got an ARGHH to me. Oh, ‘crunch’ is the word I’m looking for.”

Chau Luu, Physics12669347_10208313360222777_714132902_o

“Plain – it doesn’t excel at anything but it’s still tasty, just like me.”

Adele Rolands, 18, First Year, Cuth’s, Biology, and Rebecca Caloghni, 19, First Year, Cuth’s, Sociology12695690_10208313359982771_1568804361_o“I would be mozzarella, tomatoes and olives, because I’m cheesy” and “character-wise I would be nutella and cream, because I’m smooth but there’s excitement in my character too.”

Daniel Stephen, 22, Fourth Year, Collingwood, Geology12656285_10208622261744075_1461673550_o

“Probably Nutella and strawberry, because I’m smooth and sweet like chocolate and fruit.”

Brogan Lear, 21, Third Year, Hatfield, Chemistry12695115_10208313360382781_557223735_o

“Lemon and sugar because I’m sweet, but with a kick.”