We played ‘Would You Rather’ with people after lectures

Stockton or cut your arm off?

Everyone loves to play Would You Rather. But what about playing it with people after a lecture?

We wanted to know exactly what would be a no-go area for Durham students.

Francesca Battersby, 18, Fresher, Hatfield, NatSci

Would you rather cut off your arm, or get the bus to Stockton?


“Cut off my arm, I don’t want to go to Stockton.”

Yasmin Jones, 20, Fresher, Collingwood, Politics and Philosophy 

“Would you rather speak to the EY Promoters outside of the library or never leave your house again?”12656551_10208285249560028_1157161907_o

“Erm I think I could deal with the EY Promoters. I think I could bullshit my way through it.”

Sophia Smith Gayler,  21, Fourth Year, Mary’s, Modern Languages 

Would you rather shag a local or never shag again?


“Shag a local haha.”

Frazer Levett, 19, Second Year, Maths and Computer Science 

Would you rather have a gin and tonic in the Fighting Cocks or spend a night in Klute toilets?


“I would rather have a gin and tonic in black tie  to be honest.”

Sascha Marson, 21, Second, John’s, History 

Would you rather watch your parents have sex, every time they had sex, or would you rather join in but only once?

“Ohhhhhhh. I’d rather eat toad shit. I’d rather watch because I just couldn’t partake in that. It’s unpartakeable.”

Grant Scott, 22, Fourth Year, Collingwood, French and Italian

Would you rather fuck a goat and no one knows, or would you like to not fuck a goat but everyone thinks you did?12698733_10208285249320022_743432348_o

“Umm well. I would fuck a goat. Oh wait, can I change that? I wouldn’t fuck a goat, and I think I could deal with the social shaming.”

Dee Rust, 23, Second Year, JoBo, IR

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese for the rest of your life?12695281_10208285250360048_935603547_o

“I’d rather give up oral sex. I love cheese. Brie is my favourite because it tastes like butter and the feeling it gives me inside.”

Harry Roxburgh, 20, Second Year, Grey, Politics 

Would you rather be in Trevs or Hatfield?12698836_10208285250560053_1218255928_o

“Hatfield, because I’ve got friends in there. I hate being on the hill.”

Martha Bowler, 17, Fresher, Mary’s, BioMed 

Would you rather take a 2:2 now, or stay on and work for a 2:1?


“I’d take it because if you work you’re not guaranteed a 2:1 anyway.”

Lara Gibson, 19, Fresher, Collingwood, French, German and Arabic 

Would you rather win fittest fresher or BNOC of the year?12394662_10208285250120042_1307423167_o

“I’d rather win BNOC of the year because it shows you’ve got a good personality. You could win fittest fresher but be really boring and shallow.”

Pete MacCormack, 20, Third Year, Collingwood, History 

Would you rather have dicks for fingers, or a finger for a dick?12669872_10208285249840035_209924306_o

“You’ve gotta go for finger dick because you’d still have your normal fingers so you could pick things up. It would be inconvenient to have dick fingers.”

Fionn Price, 20, Second Year, Grey, Spanish and Russian 

Would you rather have sex in the Klute toilets for the rest of your life, or never have sex again?12364240_10208285249480026_1308345996_o

“Klute toilet sex.”