One less lonely Belieber: Bieber Appreciation Soc takes over Loveshack

He’s cool now

It’s time for all you Beliebers to come out of your Skepta-induced comas: Loveshack is hosting a Justin Bieber  appreciation night later this month.12631471_953093234744855_3234169838881436590_n

The Beib-tastic night will take place on the 19th February with doors opening at ten.

A representative from the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society told The Tab:

“We’re super excited to bring the sassiest party of 2016 to Durham. We’ve sold almost half the ticket already, no joke. It’s time to Belieb.”

On their Facebook page, the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society describes themselves as “an 18+ society who’s mission is to throw stupidly fun parties across the U.K. and play all the bangers that make us the Beliebers that we all are deep down”.12604700_953093331411512_3168933562261418462_o

Realising that at best, Biebs has seven club bangers, there will also be a mix of other classic pop artists like Craig David who has made an epic return, gaining huge credit for his cover of Beib’s Love Yourself.

Alongside that legendary Loveshack atmosphere, Bieber facemasks and Selena Gomez dartboards will be provided.

Presumably the organisers think Gomez can go love herself.

The event is already getting a good reaction from students. Kirstin Stevely, a Fresher from JoBo, said:

“It’s about time we had a night in Durham where I can enjoy some high quality cheese into the early hours of the morning, Klute has always been too trendy for me.”


Tickets can be found on their website.