FREE Nandos: meet the founder of the Durham Takeaway Lotto

Just sign up

A Durham student has created a website where you can win top-notch nosh, for free.

Casper Bayliss, a Johns second year studying French and Spanish, had the delicious idea over the Christmas Holidays.

“I can’t really remember where the inspiration came from but hopefully it’ll be win-win for all involved, including the restaurants and takeaway outlets.


“All people have to do is go onto the website and enter a screen name, college and year information, which is purely market research currently and will probably be removed once a solid user-base is established, and an email address to be entered.

“There’s no catch; I don’t sell the email addresses or send spam or anything like that. The plan is to have the prize change every week.”

Last week’s prize was a £10 voucher for Pizza Express, and this week the winner will get a cheeky Nandos.

And Casper has high hopes for the website: ” As for the future, I will be talking to a wide range of restaurants in Durham to get them featured.”

To sign up to to free Durham Takeaway Lotto, simply enter your email address and college information here.