Find out how screwed you are according to last year’s results

The answer is very

It’s that time of year, summatives are looming, and the thought of summer exams are giving you palpitations.

For some reasons humanities students are working with added zeal on some mathematic problem. No, they haven’t decided to do a proper degree, they’re working out what exactly they need to scrape a 2.1.

The Tab has obtained a breakdown of last year’s module marks, through an FOI, to help you work out what you need to the parental unit off your case.

Welcome to your home

Welcome to your new home

The breakdown shows the average, highest and lowest marks for each module, as well as giving details of how many students achieved each grade.

Over in the Business department, the average mark on the Accounting course added up to an impressive 87, but at least one student in each first year Mathematics module scored ten or less.

Third year classics students had it tougher than Oedipus on mother’s day, with the average mark given to single module dissertations just 47.

A recreation of an engineer reading this article

A recreation of an engineer reading this article

Humanities students might claim to have it rough, but at least their marks are consistent. Every English module had an average of a 2:1 or a First. Unsurprisingly, for those studying the Sciences, things are just a little bit trickier.

Take engineering, for example. The average grade was thankfully a 2.1 but some modules had shockingly low average grades. First year courses Electrical Engineering 1 and Electronic Fundamentals boasted some of the lowest average grades in the university. The highest mark in Electronic Fundamentals was twenty or below…ouch.

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Check out the breakdown for yourself, and see just how fucked you are.

The list is available here