We asked you what the weirdest thing you’ve bought online was

Don’t be shy

Whether it was a late night eBay mistake, or an Amazon Prime delivery we all have made questionable decisions when buying online. We hit the Billy B to find out what the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought online was.

Rachel Phillips, 20, Second Year, Collingwood, Law12695540_10208278227664485_311722197_o“My friend bought an old nun face mask and goblin finger because he saw it in a Vine.”

Lucy Knight, 19, Fresher, Trevs, English Literature12637350_10208278227624484_650474527_o“Bubble wrap, oh no wait maybe does a vibrator count?”

Alannah Travers, 19, Fresher, Collingwood, History 12695470_10208278228304501_1826747915_o“I bought a box of 25 deep heat hand warmers for hill walking.”

Timmy Avni, 19, Second Year, Grey, Psychology and Miranda van Noorden, 19, Fresher, Grey, English Lit 12675254_10208278229024519_1917431390_o“Nipple tassels…for a present for… someone else”

“A lightbulb that flashes to your music and you can control it from your bed. It dances to your music in different colours.”

Jacob Fielker, 22, Third Year, Butler, Theology12620661_10208278227944492_1972834857_o“A nun outfit for a theology social”

Harriet Lewis, 21, Third Year, Grey, History of Art, English and Geography 12695112_10208278228224499_1041159703_o“I bought this back brace you wear to correct your posture”

Tom Stuart, 21, Fourth Year, Collingwood, Physics 12637130_10208278227864490_110294991_o“This. Oh and my lychee and guava liquid for it.”

Tessa Berridge, 20, Second Year, Cuths, Geography and Education12656552_10208278229184523_1995780255_o“An air bag for riding; if you fall of it blows up. People forget to undo them, jump off and then inflate.”

Harrison Howard, 20, Second Year, Collingwood, Politics
“I bought a really large cutout of Ted Danson from Cheers because I’m a big fan and my old school made us.”
Carl Nabert, 20, Fresher, Castle, Economics
“I bought a bear outfit once.”