We asked what Spice Girl would you be and why

It’s Durham – take a guess

The Spice Girls are the biggest selling female pop group of all time. One of them wore a famous dress, one of them married well and one of them had an afro. All valid achievements.

But which one does your spirit animal most identify with? We hit the streets of Durham to gage the pulse of campus.

Serena Gosling, Hatfield, 22, Post-Grad, Marketing

12670033_10208265409864048_983996087_o“I’d probably say that I’m Posh Spice because I’m the poshest one in my friendship group. I’m constantly teased for my school, college and accent. I’m also from Harrogate.”

Matt Swan, Cuths, 19, Fresher, Anthropology

12637211_10208265410024052_2037517088_o“Posh Spice because Becks is quite fit and famous and rich, and I’d like to cash in on that.”

Grant Scott, Collingwood, 22, Fourth Year, Italian and French

12669252_10208265409624042_1296579366_o“Baby, because I’m adorable.”


Dominic McGovern, Cuths, 21, Third Year, English Literature 

12669931_10208265409384036_1029014202_o“Scary, because she’s the best one.”

Soraya Rahall, Castle, 19, Second Year, Psychology

12669804_10208265409784046_467717092_o“Posh Spice because I identify with her levels of chic and people call me posh all the time.”

Georgie Grainger, 19, Fresher, Collingwood, English Literature

12630942_10208265410264058_1792646495_o“I’d be ginger spice because I’m sassy as shit.”

Harry Cross, 23, Fourth Year, Aidan’s, History 

12632895_10208265409504039_989565537_o“Scary because she’s from Leeds and a radical feisty gal, and being a radical feisty gal from Leeds I can relate.”

Nat Smith, 21, Third Year, Castle, Music

12633064_10208265410464063_1953036217_o“Scary, because veganism intimidates a lot of people.”

DCR, 21, Third Year, Hatfield, English Literature

12656315_10208265408904024_1597191330_o“Posh Spice because I’ve always got plums in my mouth.”

Lottie Cherryman, 19, Fresher, Collingwood, Theology

12633237_10208265410784071_58324617_o“Posh Spice because she’s married to Becks.”

Paul Miller, 18, Fresher, John’s, Chemistry

12656491_10208265410584066_2022359567_o“Scary because she was a twat on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year.”