This is what Durham used to look like

Turns out Durham’s really old

A new book has just been published detailing Durham from the prehistoric age all the way up to the present day.

‘The Story of Durham’ was written by an old lecturer, Douglas Pocock – a Durham resident for forty years.

Ex-Geography lecturer, Douglas, said: “The book tells the story of how Durham came to be by looking at chunks of time, from the formation of its dramatic physical setting up to the present day, to assess the contribution which each made to the city we see today.

KDR_NJL_290713_durham-150tif “Over the time I have got to know the city well and care for it. It gives a picture of the evolution of the city. I have written other books on the history of Durham and I was delighted when the publishers asked me to write this book.”

The book includes over 120 illustrations and pictures over the course of multiple centuries.
KDR_NJL_290713_durham-040tif KDR_NJL_290713_durham-070tifThe pictures show areas that we’re all familiar with such as the Cathedral, Market Square and the Castle.

Queues for Loft can be seen to be forming during the mid-to-late Tudor period.KDR_NJL_290713_durham-080tif KDR_NJL_290713_durham-020tif