Bill Clinton LOVES Durham Cathedral and wants to babysit for Blair

Blair drank in Durham’s ‘local workman’s club’

The former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton and husband of the future President, Hillary, “loves Durham.”

The Durham bubble can rejoice at finding a new fan – Bill Clinton. He was so enamoured by our little cobbled street that he brought the one and only, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton_BlairIn a phone call, unearthed by a BBC FOI, the former President of the USA spoke about Durham with the last Labour leader to win an election. A bouncy Blair told Bill: “I’m great, I’m just, actually, in my local workman’s club doing constituent surgery in County Durham.”

The President responds: “Are you in Durham? I love the Durham Cathedral.”

CYIjdMPWsAAr3xkThe President clearly assumes that Blair was in our beloved city – despite Blair being MP for Sedgefield down the road. The President continued:

“I liked it so well I brought Hillary back to see the cathedral and walk around the town. I took her to York and Durham on one of our trips.”

It is not clear whether HRC enjoyed her visit to Durham. It is clearly nicer than York, because Bill didn’t dwell on his trip there during the phone-call.

After Blair revealed he had been a choir boy at our Norman cathedral, the President said: “You still have that choirboy look.”

In other classic phone calls, Bill offered to baby-sit for Blair and referred to him as “dad.”

Can we expect a return of the great US statesmen, with his wife when she wins the Presidency?