Why are Jack Wills giving us a lift home in a Land Rover

They’re calling it a Landy

Jack Wills is taking people to the station from their house or college in Durham in a branded Land Rover.

The uni themed brand worn only by 15-year-olds has decided to work as a personal driver for students in Durham. All you have to do is tweet them.

A van more usually seen on Daddy’s country estates, will drive students from their homes and colleges to the station if you tweet @JackWills or ask in store for more details.

The campaign entitled “Driving Home for Christmas” has already taken place in Cambridge, where people were dropped off from effectively the next block.

The Land Rover appears to have driven through a forest and picked up a few twigs, and is encased in a tartan wrap-around.

Driving in today, Jack Wills managed to help Durham move to the station almost two days before term finishes, forgetting we actually go home on the 18th.

They wrote on their blog: “Christmas is the time for reuniting with the people who have grown up with you (through all your weird stages…), swapping the Vodka for the champers and the meal-deal for the roast feast.

“For everyone at Uni, it usually means a long slog home too, with only the prospect of that home-cooked Christmas dinner and mulled wine waiting for you on the stove to propel you to leave the excitement of your tinsel-strewn halls.

“To make it even more fun, we’re on hand to help you on your way home this Christmas, offering free rides to the station (mince pies included) in our signature Jack Wills Christmas landy’s.”

So if you also non-ironically refer to Land Rovers as “Landys” and can afford Jack Wills but balk at a taxi fair: drop them a Tweet.