Monday night causes carnage with huge queues

Who goes out on Mondays?

Last night was the last Monday of term before Christmas vac, and there was carnage on the cobbled streets of Durham.

Cheapskates saw a record number of us trying it for the first time and huge crowds filled the streets. Loft reached capacity before midnight, meaning people on the guest list hadn’t a chance of getting in.


Unusually large queues outside Klute and Fabs were spotted despite being normally dead on a Monday. Jimmy’s – normally treated as a place to pre – also saw queues.

George Corner, a second year chemistry student, said: “There was a girl having a panic attack behind me.”

Crowds at Loft were so large that the barriers almost gave way, and not for the bouncers, it was expected to be much worse.

Laura Glenister, a second year from Collingwood, said: “If the barrier went down I would’ve died.”

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There were also reports that Loft ran out of vodka before midnight, due to the unexpectedly high turnout.

Joe Speller, a JoBo fresher, said: “Every room was rammed full, it was impossible to move and you couldn’t stand still in the corridors.”

Some however, seemed accustomed to the high crowds. Mark Thompson, an assumed veteran of the British Festival scene, said: “It’s like Glastonbury, but in Durham.”