Gone in 60 seconds: DUCFS tickets sold out within ONE minute

They even sold out the Friday show

VIP tickets to DUCFS 2016 were sold out within a minute of going on release this morning.

Potential guests of the prestigious event this year logged on to the DSU website at 10am this morning for a scramble for a table at arguably the best fashion show in the country.

All of the tickets were in people’s baskets within a minute, and checked out shortly after that.

Tickets to the Saturday finale sold out first, with tickets to the opening Friday performance we snapped up just seconds after.

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Alicia Newman, the President of DUCFS, told The Tab: “We sold out 800 tickets in about seven minutes by my count, all VIP went within about one minute.

“At bang on 10 I think they were in everyone’s baskets, one of my friends had £1.5k worth in her basket.

“We absolutely were not expecting it at all.

“Last year they never sold out on the Friday so this is massive, we’re in complete shock.

“Unfortunately this means so many people who want tables haven’t got them.

“I think palace green and great work from our publicity team has had a big draw.

“We are completely shocked it sold out so quickly and really excited for February, and we are confident we can raise lots of money for Stop the Traffik.”

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Taking place for the first ever time on Palace Green on the 5th and 6th February Durham’s fittest students will be tearing up the Catwalk for Stop The Traffik, a human trafficking charity.

If you missed out on tickets email [email protected] to be put on the waiting list.