Five Durham grads lose out on Eggheads but win a few middle aged admirers

They’re all really fit

Eggheads Jeremy Vine

Five Durham grads lost against the mighty Eggheads last week despite their fancy degrees. 

The boys were Lorcan Treacy, Richard Geiger, Richard Landers, Nick Gunning, Felix Edge-Partington and James Meakin. But despite losing to the quizmasters, the attractive group won the hearts of everyone watching.

10407228_10206286248819779_3874974396412689408_nDespite the fact that Jeremy Vine is a proud Hatfielder, he is best known for graphics on election night. Jezza failed to help his Durham brothers out, where they crashed out on national telly.

Lorcan said: “I was emailing Jeremy Vine about the election and Strictly. Admittedly Fairly niche banter.

“To get on the show we had to do this extremely cringe video where we had to discuss our favourite Egghead and our past Quizzing History.”
The team did garner a significant amount of Twitter support. Hundreds were unable to simply enjoy the beautiful faces on their screen (not Jeremy), and tweeted their lust.
Twitter user, @CraigJOsborne, declared Felix and Lorcan as his “faves” while declaring that Richard is “also quite handsome.”

603851_10152798642253269_6099099396352687898_nCraig wasn’t alone. Lorcan told The Tab: “Judith, the really nice old woman, said Felix was ‘Extremely striking.'”

Richard Geiger shared a text from his father that said: “Awesome. Still can’t believe you were on. Rick and Judy think you looked very handsome. So did we! Brilliant Xx.”

However, despite the beauties winning the hearts of every gay man and straight woman watching tea-time-telly, they failed to show off their academic prowess.

Fighting 2-2 in the individual rounds they eventually crashed out 3-2 in the final round.