Over a third of Durham students came from elite schools

Shock horror

Confirming what we all knew was true, Durham is dominated by the top schools in the country.

65 students came from Eton in the last three years, where school fees are an incredible £35,721 per year

State funded Hills Road Sixth Form College came top of the pile with 73 students coming to Durham. Next came Wellington College, which can boast George Orwell as an ex-pupil, with 58 students heading North.

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Last year we welcomed seven students from Westminster School, the third best independent school for A-level results.

In 2014, 10 students from Edinburgh boarding school Fettes College came to Durham, rejected free uni and decided to pay to come south.

Of the 135 students leaving Magdalen College School last year, a massive 21 of them came to Durham. Over 82 per cent of A-levels at the school are graded A* or A.

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While Durham can boast students and staff from 125 countries, we’re lacking in diversity elsewhere. Over a third of undergrads came from independent schools last year.

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Coming close behind was Magdalen College School in Oxford, with 45 students, and Charterhouse with 35. Next up was Rugby School, one of the oldest schools in the U.K, with 27.

26 students from the London Oratory School have come to Durham. 22 students a-piece from Winchester College, King Edward VI Grammar School and St Pauls Girls became freshers here. In last place with just 20 students was Epsom College, where boarding fees are a whopping £11,106 per term.

With accommodation fees rising to an all time high, it seems like a steady stream of freshers from the poshest schools in Britain will be heading our way.