What does your college motto say about you?

‘We take life as we find it, and make of it what we can’

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Collingwood College – Aime le Meilleur (‘Love the best’)

collingwood 2

You love sport, music and drama. You think you’re quite indie (the motto’s in Medieval French, for goodness’ sake), but in reality, you’re from Guildford and studying Engineering. Just like everyone else on your corridor. You’re passionate about your college, even its prison design, and love to support the college teams – even the excellent K team football. 

Grey College – Gradibus Ascendimus (‘Ascending by degrees’)

grey pic

If you’re from Grey, chances are you’re a pretty skilled mountaineer, as to get to the College, you have to ascend many a degree. You’re also probably hard-working, and never leave summatives until the last minute. You’re ambitious, overly so – check out Grey fireworks never quite grasping music timings – but are always positive that next year will be better than the one before.

Hatfield College – Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis (‘Either the first or with the first’)

hatfield pic for articleIs there a motto that better represents the stereotype of an entire college? Hatfield students think they’re the best at everything, even if results show otherwise. They’re very proud of their college even if their bar looks like an airport ‘Spoons. Perhaps why the website paraphrases the motto to “Be the best you can be”, is because of a collective shame about their college rep.

Josephine Butler – Comme Je Trouve (‘We take life as we find it, and make of it what we can’)
Butler pic for article

The distance from town (and everything else), and the whole self-catering thing probably means that JoBo wasn’t your first choice college. That said, you’re making the most of it: discovering new pasta recipes, climbing the hills, and befriending the local sheep. You’re optimistic and understanding, and, let’s face it, set for second and third year with those culinary skills.

Hild Bede – Eadem Mutata Resurgo (‘I rise again, changed, but the same’)

hild bede pic for article

You probably consider yourself a philosopher, sitting around in the gardens in patterned trousers, discussing the meaning of life over a shisha pipe. Your motto, like your hairstyle, is ambiguous, and you spend a lot of time in college reading Nietzsche because town is too far away.

Cuth’s – Gratia Gratiam Parit (‘Friendship begets friendship’)

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Oh, Cuth’s. So sweet, so naive. While the unique layout of Cuth’s initially lends itself to friendship, chances are you hate your housemates, and regularly go for long, solitary walks down by the river to escape them. That said, you do enjoy sitting in the bar watching football on the weekend with your group of friends, wincing and cheering en masse.

St Chad’s – Non Vestra Sed Vos (‘Not what you own, but who you are’)

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You’re friendly, generous, and most likely do English. You play croquet and discuss poetry, and wake up every morning to the sound of the cathedral bells. It’s an idyllic life for a Chad’s student, and the motto reflects that, though perhaps the shared room situation puts more emphasis on “what you own”.

St Aidan’s – Super Fundamentis Certis (‘Upon sure foundations’)

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Sure foundations. Or just a really, ridiculously steep hill. Aidan’s students keep themselves to themselves because they realise that they have an incredible deal: great bands, great views, and a great bar. You’re down-to-earth, honest, and probably have a watercolour set hidden away somewhere.

St John’s – Fides Nostra Victoria (‘Our faith is our victory’)

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You’re religious. Probably. If not, you’ll probably be a lot more spiritual at graduation than you were at matriculation. You aren’t overly competitive, and practise the mentality that “it’s the taking part that counts”. You take part in a variety of activities, but like nothing more than having a cup of tea with your friends.

St Mary’s – Ancilla Domini (‘The handmaid of the Lord’)

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You’re helpful and patient, and have a strong sense of loyalty to your college. You’re probably very active on Instagram, and have a fashion and lifestyle blog. You’re a huge fan of Great British Bake Off and have at least one item of Cath Kidston homeware in your room. You’re empathetic, and passionate about your subject, and quite like your own company.

Trevs – Vera Fictis Libentius (‘Truth more readily than falsehood’)

trevs pic for article

You’re an honest person, particularly when it comes to your love-hate relationship with hexagons. You probably have heated debates about indie albums and craft beers, and know at least three people who play the saxophone on the side. You’re a great believer in justice and equality, and are the first to speak out when something isn’t right.

Castle – Non nobis solum (‘Not for ourselves alone’)

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You’re more than happy to show your friends from other colleges around your room, and buy them a casual drink in the bar. No problem whatsoever. You wear chinos not for yourself, but for your friends so you can make a trouser rainbow and get many a Facebook like. You moan about the Cathedral bells because there is virtually nothing else to moan about, apart from maybe that the ancient windows aren’t double-glazed, so you get cold in your double bed in one of the Castle turrets. You’re just a tiny bit boastful, and reckon you look fab in a formal gown.

Van Mildert – Sic Vos non Vobis (‘Thus do ye, not for yourselves’)

van mildert pic for article

You’re really close to your group of friends, and are never happier than when you’re all dancing together in Lloyds. You’re quite quiet, but have a great sense of humour, and love a Mildert themed joke. You’re self-confident and independent, and are always happy to help people out.

Ustinov – Diversitate Valemus (‘Diversity is our strength’)

ustinov 2

You have friends from all over the world, and are very sarcastic. You have a lot of different interests, and want to make the most of university life (again). You like talking to people about your research interest, especially when you’re drunk, and have a wild set of dancemoves up your sleeve, ready for when the mood is right.