We spoke to students protesting against the high cost of accommodation

It’s really not fair

Durham students yesterday protested outside the Billy B over rising college accommodation costs, calling for the uni to take action.

They called for students to stand united as well as chanting: “We’re fucking freezing, so why aren’t our fees”.



We spoke to students at the protest and asked them why they are protesting. This is what they had to say.

Noah, Cuths


“It is ridiculous how they keep increasing fees – as they say…”

(In the background students are chanting that they can ‘shove their price increases up their arse’.)

Alex, Cuths


“I don’t think a top quality university education should be a privilege of the wealthy.”

Katie, Cuths
“I think Durham has a diversity problem and raising the cost of accommodation could put people off studying at Durham.”

Fred, Aidan’s

IMG_2318“With college fees reaching six to seven thousand, more than many poorer students receive in loans.

“We don’t want an elitist two tier system, excluding people from a college or Durham university experience. I am protesting to keep college fees affordable.

“It is easy to do when 1/3 of fees are ‘non-staff’, not explained what they are.”

Lewis, Mary’s


“Basically I think the fee increase is unjust and exclusionary.”

Lioba, Trevs


“I am protesting to stop the price increases because I think they are very unfair, especially with living grants at £5,500 while college costs are £6,800, increasing from last year.

“It is unfair and doesn’t help students from poorer backgrounds. People from poorer backgrounds may consider not coming to Durham.”

Fred, Aidan’s


“I think it is unfair and unjust. Not everyone can afford to stay in college.”

Frankie, Aidan’s


“I’m the first person to go to uni from my family. Continue like this and that will stop happening. People from disadvantage backgrounds will stop going.”

Alejandro, Aidan’s


“I think that it is a very unfair increase in accommodation and student fees. There is no legitimate reason.”

Jasper, Aidan’s


“It is an unreasonable rise.”