How often do you really go out?

Not very often, apparently

How much you go out and have a good night may be the focal point of conversation, but do we actually go out that much?

Emma Parker, fresher, Archaeology and Anthropology

“I haven’t made it to a club since Freshers’. After the pres in the college bar, bed just seems too tempting, so I skip the dodgy night in Klute and often head straight to Urban Oven.”

Sam Wilson, fresher, Maths

IMG_4230“That’s a difficult question: at least three (or two?) times a week, but it’s becoming less and less…”

David Cotter, third year, Music

“How often do I ‘really’ go out? Well, that word sounds a tad ominous! Sadly only about once a month. I find the more one tries to plan a ‘big’ night, then the more likely it is to fall beneath expectation.

“I find the best nights usually start with whisky and jazz with just a few friends, then onto a house party…Fabios…Klute…the obligatory 3 a.m. Urban Oven…somewhere you’ve never been before…and back to bed just when the sun is starting to rise…”

Minami Orikasa, fresher, Combined Honour in Arts

“But really though, I barely go out.”

Ben Chennells, fresher, English Literature

“I go out on average probably once a week… maybe not if I have a lot of work to do or am away from college or it could be more if everything is more relaxed. It’s more than I used to just because I live a lot closer to people I can go out with and that’s probably how it’ll stay.”

Daniel Richardson, fresher, Combined Honours in Arts

“Probably about twice a week, but I tend to regret at least one of them..”

Will Dowd, second year, Maths

“I go out on socials like assassins but apart from that I don’t really go out to clubs. I find it really antisocial being in a club because it’s too loud.”

Miguel Barroso Gil, second year, Biological Sciences

“Depends. Two, three days in the week?”

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