Nearly 40 per cent of Hild Bede are from the Home Counties

How Home Counties is your college?

The Tab can exclusively reveal how many people from the Home Counties are at your college. No surprises for guessing who’s top.

• Hild Bede are the most Home County college.

Collingwood had a massive 139 students from London and the South East last year.

There were the same number of students at Aidan’s from the South East as from the entire world outside the UK.

Walking down the Bailey, it seems like the majority of Durham students are from London, with a smattering of Surrey and Sussex thrown in for a little variety.

We asked how many students came from London and the South East, areas dominated by the Home Counties. In figures provided for the last three years, Hild and Bede came out top. A massive 39 per cent of their students are from London and the South East.

Coming in close second was posh college Hatfield, with John’s hot on their tail. Next, both with 32 per cent, were Cuth’s and Collingwood.

Most of the other colleges follow in close succession, with just under a third of students from London and the South East.

Van Mildert and JoBo are the colleges in Durham with the lowest Home County contingent, with a surprisingly low 27 per cent and 19 per cent respectively.

Over in Stockton, at the bottom of the pile, are Stepho with 16 per cent and John Snow with 15 per cent.

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Last year, Chad’s had just 32 students from London and the South-East, but that’s probably because they are so tiny. Meanwhile, Collingwood is an enclave of southerners, with 139 from London and the SE calling the college home.

Percentage of students from London and the South-East (2014)

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Things are different over in the mythical land of Stockton. A smaller percentage of students there are from London and the South-East.

John Snow can boast more students from the North East than from the Home Counties, while just 16% of students at Stephenson are from London and the South East.

The divide between Stockton and Durham is clear, with a greater proportion of students at Durham colleges coming from ‘down South’.

With claims by some that Durham students are out of touch with the reality of living in the north east, these figures won’t do anything to dispute that.