Collingwood gave everyone free sparkling wine when they opened the new kitchen

Is this peak Durham?

Collingwood gave out free glasses of sparkling wine in champagne flutes last night because a new kitchen was opened.

The opening of the kitchen has been long awaited, and was over-due by several weeks.

Now opened, the pine-exterior serving areas takes up much of the dining hall, but comes with new trays, plates and glasses.


Collingwood freshers and livers-in were greeted at the door with a table filled with champagne flutes filled with sweet sparkling wine. The meal was the usual with curly fries – a variety on the famed potatoes.

Ekin Postalci, a fresher Law student told The Tab: “Did you see the size of those deep fat fryers? So long jacket potatoes, hello curly fries.”


Another fresher, Julian Appelyard, who studies NatSci, added: “I’m keen for the new trays and hope the champagne becomes a regular occurrence.”

Henry Garing a fresher Law student told The Tab: “To quote Home Alone, it’s spacious and luxurious. Yay proper chips finally.”


Collingwood may be a trek from the Bailey but is infamous for its free alcohol. Last year a major benefactor placed £10, 000 behind the bar only for £7,200 to be blown in just three hours.

The Tab can confirm that glasses of sparkling wine will not be a regular event at college dinner.