Ricci from Geordie Shore tried to start a fight with me in Klute

Klute’s manager bought us a drink to say sorry

Geordie Shore star Ricci threatened to start a fight with a Durham second year and had to leave the club.

Second year Elliot Gorden claims that Ricci Guarnaccio asked him to “fucking step outside” at Klute last Wednesday.

Elliot was enjoying Klute’s Halloween night in the company of Ricci and Jay from Geordie Shore and George Gilbey from Gogglebox.

But after the Anthropology student told his friend about Ricci’s fame, he turned.

George Gibley, Jay and Ricci in front of the Klute sign. Credit: Klute Durham

George Gibley, Jay and Ricci in front of the Klute sign. Credit: Klute Durham

Elliot told The Tab: “Ricci came up to me, saying ‘Are you trying to start something mate?’ I explained I was just saying I had seen you on TV.

“As he walked away he said something which I didn’t hear. I was so drunk I told him to fuck himself, then he came back and started squaring up to me and all that.

“Then his manager took him outside as he shouted at me ‘Fucking come outside you prick.’ His manager guy came up to him and was telling him to leave it and just move on to wherever they were meant to be going.”

Elliot with Gogglebox star George Gilbey

Elliot with Gogglebox star George Gilbey

Ricci – who is just 5’8″ – left Elliot confused on the dance-floor, before the manager bought him a drink to make up for the incident.

Ricci was only in the show from Season 2-5, but is a regular on club appearances across the North East.

Elliot said: “I didn’t feel threatened at all, he wasn’t big – maybe that’s just me.”

Ricci flew into a rage a number of times on the show – once famously involved in a brawl with Gaz which had to be broken up by bouncers.

This isn’t the first time Ricci has had an awkward encounter with students. Last year, Ricci was told to leave a student house at 4am.

A Loughborough second year, dressed in boxers, bra and cowboy boots, said: “You’re only famous cos you’re shit.”

Both Ricci and Klute were unavailable for comment.