Durham has the best police in the country… apparently


Police in Durham have been ranked best in the country – scoring an unmatched rating.

This was despite the year of significant anger levelled by students against the police.

Graded by HM’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Durham came out unscathed despite £22 million funding cut for the years 2010-19 and the loss of around 350 workers since 2010.


Mike Barton, the chief constable, said: “This report confirms the force to be the best on the planet.”

But in the last year many students have claimed they are being targeted by the police in wake of the river tragedies. Barton refused to back students when demanding fences along the river despite support from David Cameron. He also was in hot-water after describing students as “bright young things” which many took to be sarcastic and divisive.

The police chief went on to argue the deaths were caused by students being “paralytically drunk” and has controversially introduced a £90 on-the-spot fine if you’re caught drinking.

In an exclusive interview with The Tab Mike Barton said: “My beef is with off-licences like the supermarkets. In my view supermarkets are criminally negligent in the way they are marketing drink and flogging it at ridiculously low prices.”

Mike Barton speaking with The Tab

Mike Barton speaking with The Tab

These results come just days after the force was criticised for a lack of ethnic minority officers, with the Home Secretary singling it out as “simply not good enough.”

Despite the HMIC praise, students remain unconvinced. Ben, a Castle fresher Engineer, complained: “They said we could take selfies with them but they lied. I got a very disapproving look when I tried.”