We asked people how much they missed their mum

You probably miss your dog more

As the third week of lectures begins we asked you just how much you missed your darling mum and when the last time you spoke to her.

Hannah Speed, 18, Politics


“Yes I miss my mum, despite her renting out my room on Air BnB. She took the photos for the advert the day I left. I spoke to her yesterday because I love her and I wanted to check that the people staying in my room weren’t shady.”

Helena W, 18, Biological Sciences


“No, I miss my springer spaniel, my liver and white springer spaniel. His name is Jack. I called her to get her to send my hockey stick.”

Phil Parish, 19, Geology

12178266_10207626571453487_1270103889_n“I don’t miss my mummy. We spoke about a week ago. I called her to talk about the sponge who lives in the pineapple under the sea. I asked her who was absorbent and porous was he. After that I asked her if my great, great Grandmother was Spongebob. My name wasn’t actually Phil Parish, it was Anna Newman.”

Jess Platt, Anthropology


“I miss her a bit and I called her yesterday because I had a driving lesson and I needed moral support. My instructor drinks sprite in the day, he’s wasting calories without the vodka.”

Justin Humphries, 18, Law


“I do miss my mummy. I last spoke to her aged 16, or last week.”

Hugo Fry, 18, Politics


“Of course I miss her. That’s a stupid question. I spoke to her on the family WhatsApp group about seven minutes ago about my initiations, but I didn’t tell her anything.”

Dylan Johnson, 18, Combined Honours


“I spoke to Mummy five months ago in Rwanda. We talked about life in Durham and what au pairing was like for me.”

Ben Hughes, 19, Maths


“No, I don’t miss my parents because I don’t have to tell them the full details about last week. I don’t have to tell them I went to Loveshack or what went down in Loveshack. You know what I did in Loveshack. Respect.”

Danny Konopka, 20


“Which one, my fresher mum or my real mum? It’s been a while since I called my fresher one but I called to ask my real mum how to do the washing. I had to ask her how to work the tumble dryer.”

Cyril Ahiabah, 18, French and Italian


“I do miss my mum. I spoke to her yesterday afternoon about my flatmates and how good they are.”

Bethan Evans, 19, Sociology


“No, because I was getting annoyed with living at home. I think I spoke to her last in Freshers week and sent her a text a few days ago.”

Ellie Hunt, 19, Combined Honours


“No, not really. I talked to her three days ago about Basildon because I sent her an article about someone who lives near my nan getting stabbed by a 13 year old.”

Alex Gatenbey, 18, French and Spanish


“Yes I miss her, just to make her happy if she reads it. I spoke to her yesterday because she sent me a photo of our cats and she sent me some contact lenses.”