Loveshack to host Durham’s first ever LGBTQ+ club night

You might even get to meet the Queen of Durham

Durham will be proud to host it’s first LGBTQ+ club night this week.

The Party for the Parade will be hosted at Loveshack and is the first ever event of its kind in the city.

Some top notch entertainment has also been planned for the night, namely a live performance from Kelly Llorenna, known for her club bangers “Set you free” and “True love never dies”.

There will also be live performances from hostesses, drag artists, cabaret showgirls, and DJ Miss Tess Tickle herself.


Durham will have its first LGBT+ night

Debbie Corbett the Loveshack General Manager told The Tab: “We are so excited about hosting this event and being the first venue in Durham to host a LGBTQ+ club night.

“It proves how far the city has come in recent years. This event will be celebrating diversity and the LGBTQ+ community, and everyone is welcome.

“All door proceeds will be donated to Durham Pride UK.”

The focus on the future of Durham’s scene will culminate at midnight during the event itself when the official date for Durham Pride 2016 will be announced.

Durham celebrated it's first Pride Parade this year

Durham celebrated it’s first Pride Parade this year

Miss Tess Tickle, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Durham” told The Tab: “Things are changing fast in Durham.

“A year ago we had the first Durham Pride, this year we had the first pride parade. For first time there’s been a weekly scene night at Osbourne’s bar, and now we’re having the first ever LGBTQ+ club night in the city.

“Durham Pride is going from strength to strength as we work to build a scene in this beautiful city of ours.”

Get it...Tess...Tickle

Get it…Tess…Tickle

“As a Durham lass myself and dubbed as The Queen of Durham, it’s such an honour to be hosting the event and a privilege to be helping to make Durham a place where all members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies can feel safe, celebrated and proud.

“Come on down to the Loveshack and Party for the Parade.”