We asked first years how they got Freshers’ Week completely wrong

It’s not pretty

The Tab asked freshers how they messed up during their first week in the big lights of Durham.

With shaved eyebrows, public nudity and finding bushes in their room, week one didn’t go well for everyone.

Oscar Wilkie, 18

“I got drunk the night before a Geography field trip so I threw up in front of the lecture theatre before getting on the coach.

“I threw up on the coach but had to swallow it, but some still dripped down my arm.”

Benny Tratalos, 18


“I shaved off my mate’s eyebrow while he was asleep but he kept waking up while I did it.

“The next night when I was really drunk I accepted my own eyebrows as retaliation.”

Charlotte C-F, 18 


“I tried to do a Rugby move with a guy who happens to play for Portugal in the JCR.

“I ended up face planting the floor with sore knees for the rest of Freshers’ Week, for all the wrong reasons.”

Dylan Johnson, 18


“I chundered in this girl’s room after eating too many caffeine pills and being challenged to down the rest of the bottle of vodka.”

Tom Czyszczon-Burton, 18 


“I went out with randomers from another block to Newcastle and ended up in a gay bar.

“I woke up in my bed with a bush next to my bed with no recollection of how it got there.”

Nat Skinner, 18 


“I got my tits out at the Toga event in front of my new flatmates.

“I got my main asset for my new friend from reeling in Loveshack. It was a cracking night out.”

Emilie D-C, 18


“Well I thought my red toga for the fresher Toga Tuesday would be fine.

“I didn’t realise that this was the Frep colour and got some pretty dodgy looks from them. I had to write Not A Frep on my forehead in marker pen.”

Ben Walker, 18


“I got put to bed five times in one night by freps and other freshers, I woke up in my wardrobe with the door closed.

“I had sent out several Snapchats declaring that I was finding Narnia.”

Izzy Evans, 18


“I kept spotting the same person around college and getting her name wrong repeatedly.

“She corrected me three times.”