Butler freshers forced to the Viaduct because of blackout

‘It didn’t really seem real’

Over 100 freshers from JoBo have spent the night away from college following the power cut last night.

The epicentre of the power outage was the Dilston accommodation block, which still has no power.

The first year residents were shipped off to the private Universal University Student Living residences in the Viaduct by coach.

Red faced JoBo were left embarrassed last night when the first formal of the year was ruined by a blackout that delayed proceedings.

Fresher Shivani Brouwer told The Tab: “It’s been really weird but really good. The flats have double beds and TVs so it’s better than the Butler accommodation.

“College have been really good and made sure that everyone has had breakfast and lunch as well as getting us to our talks.”

Upbeat freshers will be moving back into their halls after finding a generator. Shivani added: “The whole thing doesn’t really seem real. It’s been fun but I still hope we can go back to Butler tonight.”