Union continues to provoke with right wing speakers Peter Hitchens and Godfrey Bloom

All your Grandparents’ favourites

Embattled Durham Union Society has turned up the heat by inviting outspoken Right-wingers Peter Hitchens and Godfrey Bloom. 

Playing host to Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, and ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom is sure to cause a stir.

It comes after the controversial use of a picture of ISIS soldiers for an event about Islam.  

Controversial, Godfrey Bloom

Controversial, Godfrey Bloom

Lefty students have already voiced their disgust. With one claiming: “Will Godfrey last long with all the racists and bigots the DUS flirts with?”

The topic of the debate is “This House believes the right to Free Speech means nothing without the right to offend.” Co-defender of the motion, Godfrey Bloom, was thrown out of UKIP for being too controversial.

Bloom debated The Tab’s Flo Perry back in 2014 and described feminism as a “fight that’s already over”, elaborating on former comments that he’d only be interested in women’s rights because women “don’t clean behind the fridge enough.”

Godfrey has dismissed international aid sending money to “bongo-bongo land” and, joked that female activists at a 2013 party event were “all sluts.”

Hitchens recently claimed: “The UK is finished…my advice for anybody young enough to do so is to emigrate before it’s too late.”


The debate will be held on Monday 12th October 20:30 on PG Debating Chamber.