How the SU is training freps to fight sexual harassment

‘Ask them where they got their shoes from’

Fresher reps have been trained by DSU to teach them how to be active bystanders to sexual harassment.

The hands on training taught fresher reps how to intervene if they see frisky freshers breaking boundaries.

The Community Officer of the DSU, Esther Green told The Tab: “This year we are delivering active bystander training to all college freshers’ reps. This training empowers recipients to tackle inappropriate behaviour when they see it.

“It specifically covers sexual harassment.”

After brainstorming forms of sexual harassment, the student reps, of which this writer is one, were told there are four ways they can be active by-standers.

‘Direct Action’

Freps were told to dive into vigilante superhero mode (if it was safe to do so) to stop the inappropriate behaviour.

Apparently this is the most effective way to stop inappropriate behaviour, as well as publicly letting everyone know what you stand for.

Freps were reminded sexual harassment doesn't just happen in clubs

Freps were reminded sexual harassment doesn’t just happen in clubs


Do you know what really kills a predator’s vibe? A bizarre question from a proactive frep. The students’ union bots told reps that the best way to stop the situation dead was to divert the attention onto something else.

Ask for the time, where they got their shoes from, give them a compliment, just try to move the topic on.

This is effective, but unfortunately no one will know you’re being a crusader against sexual pests, and the perpetrator won’t know that they’re being inappropriate.

This has to stop.

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See the two above, but ask someone else. The students’ union accepts sometimes you’re just not equipped to deal with a situation.

Ask bouncers, college porters, staff, JCR Execs. Anyone. Although the person you delegate this to might be slightly better equipped than you, you do run the risk of missing your window for action.

Other universities have run similar campaigns

Other universities have run similar campaigns. This is from UEA


You think you might get hurt, or you’re already stopping another incident, but for whatever reason you can’t stop what you’re seeing at the time.

Freps were told to approach the target of sexual violence (the word victim has wrong connotations), and make sure they’re okay. Equally, approach the person being inappropriate and tell them what a complete and utter twat they are.

Just well informed.

Just well informed