Who steals the most food from their housemates?

It was only a bit of milk


Students in Belfast and London pinch the most food from their housemates, according to a new survey.

But Bristol and Liverpool were more honest with less than half admitting to raiding their friends cupboards without permission.

A staggering 71 per cent of students in Belfast and over 50 per cent in Dublin have confessed to stealing food.

Meanwhile tame Norwich was the most honest uni, with just 32 per cent admitting petty theft.

Fridge company Husky asked over 1000 students whether they took food from their housemates and what kind of items they stole.

The biggest act of treachery committed by housemates includes 62 per cent reporting a splash of milk being used.

And the dishonour continues with 36 per cent claiming their butter had been taken.

What’s more these petty crimes have driven people to extremes.

40 percent broke new ground by labelling their precious bounty with with their own names, and 18 per cent challenged their own maths skills by counting their food.

Crazed foodies admitted to Husky, the company who commissioned the data, that they “had put laxatives in food” “replaced milk with white paint” and even “disguised a bottle of beer as salted water”.

Lorraine Price, Marketing Manager at Husky said: “It’s very interesting that over time more and more students in the UK are having to protect their food from their housemates.

“It’s unsurprising that  they are  resorting to keeping their own fridge in their bedrooms. A mini fridge will keep students food safe and  prevent them from having to setup a booby trap to protect their food!”

Apparently it is possible to live entirely off your friends’ food supplies, as Norwich student Bryn Davies proved last year.

But it’s not only housemates who are raiding our fridges.

Last year peckish Durham student James Gibbons, broke into a stranger’s house only to eat cake and pass out on the sofa.

Trespasser James definitely had his cake and ate it

Victim of the break-in, George Pearson, told The Tab: “I was about to knock him out.”

And a rather sheepish James handed over a 12 pack of beer by way of an apology – and a new caterpillar cake, of course.