Boys prefer edgy brunettes to girls with blonde hair

Blondes don’t have more fun

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Picky boys now prefer girls with brown hair to blondes, a new study has revealed.

Long brown hair, blue eyes and a secret tattoo all make up the ideal girlfriend according to new research from

Traditionally blondes have more fun, but apparently a boy’s dream date is brunette Mila Kunis.

What’s more, a butterfly on your bum from a girls’ holiday could actually start to work in your favour with the gents enjoying the thrill of finding a strategically placed tat.

Are you the ideal date?

The survey of members on the dating site did not do away with all stereotypes, with the deep blue eyes still proving top for randy boys.

While the chaps are swimming in her eyes, the ideal girl is staying fit and toned by swimming in the local pool.

When the tables were turned, the biggest shock for boys is that girls prefer “dad bods” after all.

Short brown hair was a winner, which unfortunately means no man buns should get the chop.


Career wise it appears as if the nurse fantasy is still somewhat present.

Boys go for girls with high flying careers and have a special place in their hearts for doctors.

But it’s bad news for guys if you’re doing an arts degree, as girls tend to go for more executive types according to the study.

This research is limited to the UK, but a recent experiment carried out by an online doctor’s surgery revealed that there are very different ideals when it comes to the way girls look worldwide.

The surgery asked 18 designers to Photoshop an image of a woman in her underwear to reflect the ideal body in their country – and were shocked by the results.

Spain went for a fuller-figured look, while China edited the model to look skinnier.

Other countries involved in the survey included the UK, the US and the Netherlands, as were Italy, Egypt and Syria.