Fresher told he’s 2000 years late for uni

He was supposed to start 15 years after Jesus was born

Turning up late to those first few lectures is every fresher’s worst nightmare.

So imagine 18-year-old pre-fresh Daniel Wilkinson’s horror when the uni told him he was 2000 years late for his entire course.

On results day, bungling admissions staff at UCAS accidentally told Dan he was to begin uni on October 1 in 0015 AD.

The computer science fresher said: “I got the confirmation email on the UCAS track website, and was reading through it and I spotted the date was ¨0015.”

Just like a true Fresher, Daniel wasted no time in quickly updating the Durham University Freshers page.

He added: “I thought it was pretty funny so thought I’d try my luck at getting a few cheap likes on the freshers page so i stuck a picture on there.”

Fortunately for Daniel, it was simply a mistake and the slight typo clearly hasn’t deterred the happy fresher. He said: “I can’t wait to start the term. Uni life sounds like so much fun.”