Perilous paths to close as river safety campaign runs its course

It’s part of a huge new safety project

The hard work of Durham student leaders has paid off as riverside footpaths are set to close for a fortnight as a part of a £230,000 safety project.

Trip hazard strewed paths will be resurfaced, and useless fencing will start to be replaced, or fitted when the work starts on August 24th.

Parts of the decaying river route from Framwellgate Bridge to Prebends Bridge, as well as another section near Fearan’s Walk will close during the six-week operation.


The river Wear has claimed the lives of three students in just over a year

The potentially life-saving renovations are being carried out by Durham City Council, on behalf of the Durham City Safety Group following three student deaths in a 14 month period.

Terry Collins, chairman of Durham City Safety Group said:

“The work programme is progressing really well and I’m confident everyone who uses these paths will see that the improvements have been undertaken in line with the history and heritage of the locations and with their conservation status in mind.

“To protect the public and the workforce two sections of the riverside footpath will need to be closed whilst the resurfacing and railings work is carried out.”

Loitering youths, cute elderly couples, and keen rowing coaches on bikes will be diverted down Saddler Street or South Street to avoid the affected areas.

Essential work has already been carried out including the installation of wooden fencing, backfilling a drainage ditch at Mill House, and re-tensioning of existing wire fencing.

Durham City Safety Group designed and funded the extensive renovations following a heroic effort from Durham Student leaders, council, and university, which the Tab backed under our “Make our River Safe” Campaign.

The Tab backed the safety operation now starting

The Tab backed the safety operation now starting

Hatfield College Senior Man, Robert Double, and Hatfield Vice-President Brogan Lear said:

“Certainly for the student body, the measures being put in place are a huge victory for all those that worked tirelessly to improve the safety of the river.

“This was a combined effort between the students, university, police, council and many other bodies that have all been able to come together to improve the safety of all those in our community”