An online creep stole my photos to make a fake Tinder profile

They sent super gross messages like ‘horny?? Xx’

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It’s everyone’s nightmare –– having your privacy invaded by some creep on the internet.

But for fresher Katie, 19, this became a chilling reality when she unearthed a Tinder profile using her name and pictures and began chatting to her friends.

The Jo Butler anthropologist realised she was being catfished by a total stranger when her friends alerted her to the fake profile.

Would you have liked to share a takeaway?

For the past month, an impersonator in the local area has been using her photos and to create “Katie, 20”.

The bio read: “Durham Uni, Xbox and PC player, love takeaways :)” which she says is “embarrassingly inaccurate”.

The real Katie started to smell a rat when she chatted to people on Tinder who asked her if they had already met.

The real Katie

Then Katie’s friends told her about the phantom profile and realised someone had stolen her identity.

She told The Tab: “I was really upset. At the time the profile was only accessing girls and I kept thinking, ‘What if it’s some creep taking advantage of them?’

“Apparently there were constant messages being sent like ‘horny?? Xx’, which is just super gross.”

The worst picture attached to the fake profile showed two green cartoon penises with the words: “Need all my holes filled. Any offers?”

Stop it

Katie added: “All I could do was report the page and contact Facebook.”

And she’s unable to find the Facebook profile behind the account so Tinder can’t shut it down –– leaving the impersonator free to carry on.

Katie’s ordeal truly reveals bad Hatfield chat isn’t the worst thing on Tinder.